Invasive Weed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Removal

Is knotweed affecting your property, Rest assured Mears can help

Japanese knotweed can be frustrating to get rid of — especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. Every time you try and remove, it keeps growing back. It’s a dilemma faced by people all over the UK every day and, if it’s not properly dealt with, it can result in real trouble for your property and you.

If you find you suddenly have Japanese knotweed in your house, you’ll need to take action quickly to avoid it spreading to other parts of your property. It’s illegal to let Japanese knotweed encroach to land and properties around yours. It’s also against the law to dig up the weed and improperly dispose of it.

Japanese Knotweed

As it spreads above ground, it’s also growing out of control under the soil. The Japanese knotweed roots spread out in all directions and can cause serious problems with buildings. The roots can grow into fissures in walls and damage them. Due to the height Japanese Knotweed can grow it may require the use of a long lance and its paramount you use a qualified spraying operative (NPTC PA1,PA6 Qualified) with a history of success. Mear can offer guidance and provide a complete resolution to your issue, why not contact us for a quote today.

Horsetail/Marestail Removal

Horsetail is an invasive weed with roots that can run as deep as 2 metres below ground, which makes it incredibly difficult to dig up, especially if it’s invaded planted beds. To make things even worse, any fragments of the weed left behind will grow new shoots. Left unchecked it will spread in a similar way to knotweed via a network of underground stems and quickly crowd out other plants as it competes for light, water and nutrients. To remove horsetail you need to make the correct choices of herbicide treatments which is where we come in.  Our spraying operatives are NPTC PA1, PA6  Qualified which means we are ready to help .

Horsetail removal