Soft Strip/Internals

We carry out all internal strip out works and specialise in jobs with restrictions and conditions, including  noise restrictions and difficult access. Mears-Inc have experience in completing office block strip outs within and out of work hours without disrupting business or staff.

Total Demolition

We demolish most buildings, from unwanted extensions, outbuildings and residential houses, to warehouses, industrial units and factories. The key to Mears-Inc Demolition’s success is our careful planning and attention to safety in the initial stages of any project. Our Directors from both the main contracting side and on site take into account all practicalities and safety concerns before any work commences.

Structural and Building Works

While many demolition contractors avoid structural works, we have excelled in this area. We carry out all structural work including temporary structural works, universal beams, inserting lintels and forming door or window openings.

Strip Out

The ‘strip out’ is a specialised area of demolition works forming the refurbishment of an existing structure that has a suitable outer shell.  

In recent years ‘strip out’ works have become more popular as many clients choose to develop existing structures utilising the existing outer building over a full rebuild. 

During these works active waste is removed which can include streams like furniture, carpets and false ceiling tiles as well as static waste products which includes timber shelving, strapping, skirting, flooring and partition frames.

In some projects all internal walls and floors can be removed leaving only the outer walls and roof on the structure.

Site Clearance

Site clearance is the term that can be used to explain the actual demolition sequence itself or to describe the removal of fly-tipped waste materials

The waste streams can include abandoned tyres, asbestos and other types of specialist waste found on Greenfield or Brownfield sites.

Site clearance can also involve the removal and disposal of muck from site. Commonly known as a ‘muck shift’ this is the process of removing inert material to a licenced final destination for soil material.

Correspondingly sites often have brick and concrete remaining that developers need to re-use where possible. We operate a mobile crusher that can crush brick and concrete on site for the redevelopment

By offering this mobile service at the source it reduces the need to bring in external stock thus being a financially viable and more environmentally friendly site clearance option