Portable Appliance Testing

We provide testing for everyday appliances such as computers, faxes, photocopiers, lamps, fans, heaters, mobile phone chargers, drills, kettles, toasters etc that need inspection and PAT testing.

Regular inspection and testing of portable appliances is a legal requirement which safeguard you and your employees.

Electrical Inspection and Testing

Electrical testing identifies deficiencies in an electrical installations before they become serious hazards. Over time, all electrical installations deteriorate because of age, loading, wear and tear, mechanical injury, heating, setting, poor maintenance, etc. Law requires that electrical installations are maintained to provide a safe environment for your workforce.

The aim is to help you comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and all work is carried out to current BS7961 standards.

Smoke and Fire Alarms

If something is burning in your home or office, your smoke or hearth warning device might save your life. At Mears Inc, our skilled team focus on the installation and maintenance of a range of fire alarm systems and smoke alarms. operating both locally and nationally.We provide quality fire safety services to Landlords, residential and industrial sectors.

Emergency Light Testing

Mears Inc have specialists on hand to test and maintain Emergency lighting to ensure occupants or employees are safe from harm . Emergency lighting is for emergency situations when the main power supply is cut.  The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire, damage or loss of power. This may lead to sudden darkness and produce a number of dangers

We are here to alleviate that risk and ensure in the event of an Emergency  all parties involved can evacuate the premises safely.